Is your film, digital or video camera in need of repair? We can help. We work with one of the best authorized repair facilities to support warranty and out-of-warranty for cameras of all brands. Many times simple problems can be cleared up while you wait right in our store. If your equipment has a more extensive problem we will give you a pre-approved estimate, free of charge. Occasionally, when your equipment is examined by our service center, it may be necessary to revise estimates if the damage or cause of malfunction is more extensive then anticipated. We proceed only with your approval and are always ready to answer your questions and concerns.


Manufacturer Repairs

Your equipment can also be shipped directly to the manufacturer depending on the type, model of equipment and reported problem. This is true of all manufacturer warranty repairs and some repairs beyond the scope of our service center.


Our Repair Guarantee

All the photo equipment repaired by our service center has a guarantee of 6 months (180 days) from date of return. VCR/Camcorders are guaranteed for 90 days. Digital Equipment is guaranteed for 30 days as are most Manufacturer repairs.